Academy of Dravida Kala

Academy of Dravida Kala launches short-term programs under the following disciplines: 1.) Ancient Dravidian Art exercise  for relief from Joint pain and controlling diabetes, hypertension, etc. 2.) “Sound mind in a sound body” – Ancient Dravidian Art exercise methods for easy meditation. The light exercise when observed day to day, has the capacity to reach … Continue reading

FLOW CHART OF CURRICULUM – Kavu Arts in Indian Philosophy

(click on the picture to enlarge) The flow chart above denotes the branches of studies provided in the field of Kavu Arts. One among the list can be taken as the main specialisation and introductory sessions are allowed in other branches. Kavu Art is the essence of Kavu & Theyyam, a folk art in North Malabar. The DISCOVERY of the minute … Continue reading

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